The Minisite Formula Review

Reviewer: Matthew Fruin


Website Reviewed: The Mini Site Formula

The minisite formula review will cover the online business model by Joel Peterson which helps you create lots of profit earning mini websites quickly.

The mini site formula shows you how to make specialized mini niche sites on any topic and shows how to drive a lot of traffic to those websites.  It’s an easy to understand business model anyone can follow, basically it begins with the research needed to find hot niche topics to base your websites on.

You then build a minisite or microsite about that niche, you build a quality site with good content producing high click through rates and build them fast.  The idea is to build hundreds, each one taking about 30 mins max to make, of course the first few will take longer until you get the hang of making them, but once you know the steps to follow you can start cranking up those money sites rapidly using the system in the formula.

The minisite formula helps with creation of websites on subjects that people are searching for and buying products in that area.  The basis is to build many sites each making a small amount from affiliate sales and adsense ads. This system does not offer you a million dollar income like magic no, it’s a step by step system that shows you exactly how to build lots of minisites each earning you at least $3/day.

The Formula has many tools which they show how to use in detail so that you can do the market research correctly and as quickly as possible, remember it should only take about 30 minutes to get your site up and running (when you have sufficient experience).

The systems that are put into use are there to save you time in showing you what’s actually selling now,  therefore taking the guess work out of the equation, you don’t have to go for what ‘you think’ is selling,  it takes you directly to the products that people are interested in buying now it shows what works working now at this moment in time.

It looks at a big niche and it goes down deeper into the special sub niche markets (super specific) where the competition is less and where you can come out on top for the search results with your mini websites.

The formula to build the actual minisite website is also automated they use the wordpress platform and use various tools to automate the building process of the actual webpages for each site.

Using ready built themes, templates,and plug-ins again to make the creation time a lot quicker for you.  This helps you stay focused and concentrating on making money.
The size of the websites vary from 20 to 40 pages they are basically review sites for products, that are made to be interactive by the visitors / customers making their buying experience a good one where people make comments on the actual product webpages slowly growing your sites.

This system works even if you have a limited amount of money to spend, you don’t have to be an expert, you only have to be able to follow a specific step by step method exactly as they say.

The skills you will need:

  • To be able to check / read emails.
  • Follow step by step instruction.

What you really need to have is the drive to succeed, the willingness to learn and the mindset to give a good try.  Building lots of these mini websites each earning you a  good  income each month that will soon add up to a substantial amount.

Each time you create a minisite the process gets easier and easier. This method is the best method for earning money around the clock 24/7 days a week using affiliate marketing earning commissions for sending prospect buyers to vendors websites, send customer referrals you just build a website place links on the pages that go to the vendors’ websites where you earn commission if that person buys from their website.

Some advantages:

  • remember you won’t have to pay for advertising
  • each website will be low maintenance
  • no customers to deal with yourself
  • no products to prepare for shipping


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