Affiliate Marketing Income

When beginning in the world of affiliate marketing income it can be very overwhelming especially when you are creating your first website and have all the affiliate links in place ready for the money to roll into your bank account.  I and many who read this article would be doing somersaults all over the place if that were true.

Just imagine how many more affiliate marketers would be millionaires right now everyone would be in this business.  But unfortunatly it doesn’t quite work like that, let’s look at how it really is.

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You will be well proud of your effort at getting your first website online and so you should be, you have just achieved your first goal! for your online business. Hold on though this is only the start of a great journey.  Having got your website up and running you should be already thinking what to do next.  At the beginning when your short of money to spend on your Internet projects, as it is for many peoples’ case, you can start by:

1. Producing written articles

2. Optimize your website correctly for the search engines

3. Start getting backlinks to your site.

Don’t be misled this will take time and effort. When you first begin to earn affiliate marketing income, instead of investing money what you will have to invest in is your time, spend time on these activities writing articles optimizing your webpages and getting links back to your site.

They say that in the first few months it takes time for your site to get noticed and come up high in the search engines’ rankings some use the phrase ‘the google sandbox’ which may or may not exist, the one thing is certain if you carry out the work providing good useful content and building quality links back to your site.

Whatever happens on your first site you will be anxious for your affiliate marketing income website to come up in the search engines you will have to be patient, eventually you will see positive results.  There may be several reasons for the delay in the search engine rankings:

1.  It may be a way of filtering out the fly by nights just interested in scamming people putting websites up on the Internet – these type of sites have a short lifespan so they deal with them in this manner.  It only takes one person to get scammed for it to be the talk of the online forums.

2.  The rankings of websites rise and fall regularly.  The search engines are looking to save time and money.  If after a certain time you are still online

they may decide that you are a serious person looking to create a legitimate presence online.

All in all if you follow the directions of any course that you follow and complete every step to the letter you should begin to see results in your search engine rankings.

So What Do You Do While Your Waiting?

The main thing is not to give up, a lot of people give up, if only they were to wait for a couple of weeks more it could have all been so different, don’t make the same mistake! give it time and it will change.

Secondly, prepare yourself so that when you do start to see more visitors coming to your site through the search engines results make sure you have good quality content waiting for them to consume, that means writing quality articles. And thirdly promoting these pages correctly to the web, and learn how to get good quality backlinks to your website.

If you do have some spare money to spend on your site you may want to learn how to use adwords to drive even more relevant traffic to your affiliate marketing income site. But a word of warning if you are completely new to this you will loose a lot of money if you do not do it correctly, so my advice is to stay clear of this in the early stages and maybe look at it when you have more experience, a lot of people loose their shirts with ppc be aware!!

This is just the start of a long learning curve but once you see the glimmers of success you will be hooked on making an income using affiliate marketing, spend all your spare time in  buying and reading quality ebooks, research methods to improve your efforts and experiment with things to find the right combination, you will make mistakes but hey thats all part of the learning of any subject!

The most important thing is that you take action and get things driving forward.

To sum up, your website is just a small piece of the jigsaw for becoming a successful Affiliate Marketer.  Other parts of the jigsaw is persistence, hard work and have a correct marketing plan in place. Finally, after the initial excitement of becoming an online business entrepreneur subsides, put all the pieces together you will make it.

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